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tv   America Live  FOX News  September 29, 2010 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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everybody gregg: great hanging out with you for a couple of days jenna: i liked the cheerleader story gregg: emails are coming in. "america live" begins right now. bye-bye megyn: fox news alert, new details that are breaking this hour on a terror plot against western targets and touries in europe, including our first look at this man, the alleged master kind. this is al-qaida's new number three leader. a man by the name of kashmiri. security teams are telling us that the threat is on going and american tourists oversees are potential targets. the ideal would be to hit several targets to multiply the impact. >> the potential for three countries, france, germany and
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britain to be attacked simultaneously is actually a global-shock attack, and it comes out of the maturity in the style of attacks that pakistan has very sadly been having for a longtime, and also that the colders are seeing in afghanistan. megyn: steve centanni is tracking all of this and the threat assessment live for us at the pentagon. steve, what are you learning? >> reporter: u.s. officials are telling us, that they had a specific -- credible information but not specific information about a terror attack that would have been focused in europe in several countries in europe. it's unclear exactly what was being planned. the plot apparently has been disrupted for the most part but the danger could continue. one scenario had terrorists swarming over tourist hotels, ala mumbai, that's exactly what happened in mumbai, india. there could be plans to hit economic targets in europe
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including banks and stock exchanges. the target countries were reported to be germany, france and the k, now we are adding denmark. the information came from a german of afghan decent. the mastermind of this operation is the new number three man in al-qaida. with word of this operation becoming public, whether leaked orin tension tphal lee put out there analysts say it's less likely there will be an arrest because those involved will go deeper undercover. it's less like that there will be an attack carried out at this point because the attacker simply wouldn't want to be under this type of scrutiny and that would make european cities somewhat safer at this point. the u.s. has stepped up the number of drone attacks in pakistan and some say there is a clear connection between the heavier pace of those attacks over the past month and the plot in europe suggesting the strikes
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actually disabled the recent plot. as to any danger to the u.s. well sources say europe is clearly the next ses but they -- nextess -- next us, but they say it's always wise to look at any possible connection between the european situation and any threat to the safety of the u.s. homeland. and they are doing that, but right now there does not appear to be any connection martha: those targets clearly would have been places where westerners would have been staying and visiting in europe. steve, thank you very much. a lot more on this terror threat. you can look at some of what we're finding out right now at if you go to our home page you will see our video posted, related articles on al-qaida and a spot to sign up for breaking news alerts to stay updated on this developing situation this afternoon as well as big defendants and all of our top stories. go straight to all right, it's a busy day, another ao big fox news alert right now. fox news has obtained brad new hidden camera foot and that dark
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dash footage that shows mexican drug and human smugglers crossing the border into the united states. this video is giving us a troubling look at how the cartels are getting around our security down there. this individual row was shot by a documentary film team. it captures how suggest hrers discross the border literally at all times of the day or night. let's go to trace gallagher who picks up the story for us >> reporter: as you watch this video either very important to remember that immigration and customs enforcement keeps telling us the tkoerd -- board hear has never been more secure, apprehensions are way up. they placed hidden cameras around the casa grande area. this is 80 miles away from the mexican border. it's a stark illustration of just how vast the illegal smuggling of humans is, truck load after truck load caught on hidden camera. if you stop the video there are 15 to 20 people in some of these
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trucks, all suspected to be illegal immigrants. it shows you the drug cartels are gaining more power over this. for two reasons, they can get money from illegals who want to cross the border, they can strap drugs on their back. you see videos of suspected illegals carrying bails of marijuana across the border during the broad day and at night. this video taken 2:30 in the morning on a thermal camera we're talking about ten drug smugglers suspected to be carrying millions of dollars worth of marijuana across the border. this video was taken very close to interstate 8. 80 miles away from the mexican border. once they make it to interstate 8, get picked up by their trucks they are gone. the border patrol we've been informed is not allow to go on a lot of this federal land. look at these signs. remember how safe they keep telling us it is. there are now signs warning
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americans to stay away from this land because it's dangerous, because of the drug smugglers. we just called the immigration and customs enforcement agency like we do every day. they gave us a statement saying, quoting here illegal crossings are down. seizures of illicit goods are up across the board criminal aliens removed at an all time high. the border patrol is better staffed now than at any time in it's #- 5-year history and yet you have this hidden video which seems to paint a very different picture, martha martha: if that's an improvement i hate to see where we were before that. the amount of drugs smuggled into the united states through mexico is astounding. the d erbs a estimates that around 80%, 80% of all methamphetamine consumed in this country comes right through that border, right through mexico. the trafficking of drugs from mexico to the u.s. worth an estimated 13 billion, with a b,
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dollars, every single year. but there is some good news. trace just alluded to this. border patrol seizures are up but they have a long way to go. there is a weather mystery in florida today where they are expecting a full on hit from a tropical storm this afternoon after warning that this thing was getting stronger. the weather service then canceled all the watches and warnings. right now the center of this storm you can see it hovering over the ocean, is still near cuba. forecasters say the folks in phao*eubg should brace for heavy vein, possible flooding, as much as ten inches we've heard. nicole is the young lady barreling around here. the next target is the east coast for her. in a few minutes we'll get an update from janice dean as to what the people can expect from this system out there.
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politics now, where there is new attention today on midterm campaigning by one of america's big labor unions. aflcio president is campaigning across the country this month as part of a labor group that has already spent more than $50 million backing democrats in midterm elections. they have a lot at stake here folks. in a sphaoefp a couple of days ago he called for voters to back the candidates because quote, and listen to this, we need, he said, to fundamentally pre structure our economy and re-establish popular control over the private corporations which have distorted our economy and hijacked our government. here with thoughts on that. brian sullivan from the fox business network. it's and astonishing statement. what do you think about what he's suggesting here >> what century is this, regaining popular control of
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corporations. richard tr u.n. ka is doing what he has to do. if you don't have new members you're going to go bust. these unions, while probably fighting for their members have to selfpropagate. they need to bring in new members and revive the american worker because they need the new contributions to sort of fund the obligations of their existing people and their retirees. he's -- he had to bash fox news in that speech. martha: he didn't want to mays that opportunity. so many forces against him when you think about it. look at what is going on in several places across the country where they are trying to get unions to break down agreements that they made in the past because they can't may good on the obligations that were promised to them. you have the basic structure where a lot of these things are not needed any more, these protections because other laws protect these workers >> unions did a lot of good for this country martha: absolutely >> they have. they have stabbed a lot of benefits that we enjoy today. that said because regulations
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are in place that sort of supersede what the unions did, union membership has been falling every year. public trust of unions continues to drop. i understand they are fighting for their own existence but we hear the head of the aflcio, which represents about 13 million people, including actors by the way say that we need to regain control of public corporations. that's a little scary i think martha: especially in this environment when you have the tea party movement out there talking about making government smaller and these guys are fighting for their lives trying to make it bigger. martha: brian sullivan, thank you very much. you can catch brian sullivan at 2pm eastern today on the fox business network. there is a big question out there today, is america losing its influence in the world? a new report says in fact, yes. and it finds plenty of up and
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coming r rivals to challenge u.s. power. monica crowley next on what we can expect for the next few years. it is the cornerstone of our democracy some have said. but should everybody, think about this, really have the right to vote? that's what john stossel is looking at. and do you know what he says? no. his argument for that coming up. and then a 15-year-old girl tells police a gut wrenching horror story about a sexual assault. after the police checked it out and launched an all out response they found out she made the whole thing up. what will shock you is why. wendy murphy joins us on that. stay with us, we'll be right back >> the victim was very consistent in her account of the story, as detectives began to interview her and checked out her facts things began to have holes in them. to say the least we are not happy that the student made this up, and in fact we are somewhat outraged. [ woman ] alright, so this tylenol 8 hour lasts 8 hours.
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martha: this is fox news alert, taking a look at pictures coming out of spain right now. these are the protests that are happening as people are panicked at the spending cut backs that are going to mean big changes in the way that they enjoy their pensions, and other benefits in spain. this is madrid, near the bank of spain where these protests are going on. boy, have they got a huge turn out and a lot of action in the streets in spain as we start to see what really is becoming a worldwide concern about the benefits people receive and the complete inability of governments to sustain the promises that have been made to so many people around the world. some interesting pictures that we're just getting in from madrid. we'll keep you posted on developments at the bank of spain in the plaza in madrid. a new report makes an alarming argument about america's place in the world and it says that the u.s. is losing its influence
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across the globe and in a way the influence is really diminishing significantly right in our own backyard. the report finds that countries from south america to asia on their way to becoming real economic powerhouses while our standing as a super power is eroding. monica crowley is here, she is a fox news contributor. she is patriotic and i think she will tell me it's not a big problem >> reporter: i think it's a big problem but i'm bull i shall on america. we have gone through big down cycles before and always found a way to overcome it. the problem is that there are other nations that are gaining economically and demographically and i know this report points out the brit countries. brazil, russia, india and china. russia is a separate case. what the other countries all have in common is they've been reducing the sizes of their government. they've been lowering tax burdens, giving more free market power to businesses and individuals in those countries, allowing real prosperity and economic growth to happen.
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you just ran those live shots from spain, martha, and what is remarkable is that the countries that really are in decline are mostly in western europe, spain, greece, france, portugal, why? because they all have huge deficit and debt problems, to the point where their governments have grown so much, people come to expect these even tight he will -- inch tight he will -plts. and because the government can't sustain it that's why you see the protests you've just seen in spain. if we keep going down these roads. big government, big deficits and debt we are going to be in that pattern of decline that western europe is experiencing. the key is to get back to a place, the original place as america, limited government, lower tax burdens, economic growth, job creation that will get us back on track martha: growing up you learned about all of these social lis-based countries like mexico
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where the government lit -- literally ran everything and we watched them go through cycles while we were experiencing the boom of capitalism in our country. they have learned the lessons and now they are going in the opposite direction. one of the other elements is political. we used to enjoy the friendship of many of these countries on the world stage. now you have brazil not really paying any heed about what we are take them in doing business with iran. >> reporter: i found the russian representative so interesting at a meeting i attended. he said the world doesn't really need the united states any more. it jarred me because we have been so used to being a super power in every part of the port toll yeah, economic, cultural. we are still a super power, military, economically and the rest of it, the question is how much ground are we seeding to
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other nations unnecessarily? and i think it's largely because we do have real structural issues. chronic unemployment at this point, our education system is getting a lot of attention now, real problems there. i think the key is to change course. obama in 2008 spoke of radical change i think we've had enough of that kind of radical change and we need a different kind martha: when you look at statistics they are talking about copper mining, iron mining. we are not a manufacturing power any more. what are we making? what is our future in manufacturing? the dollar is in decline. gold is skyrocketing. the dollar used to be a safe-haven for all of the investments in the world. now they are talking about leaving the dollar in the dust and getting their own current see >> reporter: exactly, when you have a president that talks in terms of managing decline instead of fighting it that is a real problem. i will say on manufacturing you're right about that, this is a big horror show for the united
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states we need to get our act together on that. we lead the world in technology, and silicon valley martha: that's why we need our students to improve math and science stores >> reporter: that's where education comes in. we really need to get back on track. i think -- martha: we need to do it quickly >> reporter: it's going to require a radical change martha: monica thank you very much. always great to hear your insight on these things. this is what is coming up, folks, some over the top anger on the campaign trail as we get reports that an iraq war vet is the target of an assault at a campaign rally. here is a look at the suspect. we're going to show you what happened. and tell you how you can help to find this man. and the man blamed for this horrific attack is facing justice in a new york courtroom at this hour. we go live to the courthouse next for a report on why his lawyer says that thinks case --
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his case should be thrown out, when we come back. plus there is this, the father who saw his wife and daughters burned in a brutal home invasion of the most unbelievable kind. he's speaking out now, their father. dr. william petit breaks his silence just ahead. >> jennifer, hailey and makayla were the most important people in my life and i really can't dig in a tpaoeu that insinuation with a response and i think the evidence put on by the prosecution speaks for itself. @
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martha: a new picture is surfacing of the alleged mastermind behind the european terror plot. this is the number 3 leader.
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the security teams say that hall threats in this case are still active. president obama sitting down with families in iowa for another conversation on the economy. it's part of a major push to rally support ahead of the midterm election. major protests are erupting today all across europe. we showed you scenes from spain workers taking to the streets, shutting down cities angry over government spending cuts. this is a big story today, jury selection is now underway in the trial of the first kwaupb kwaupb da da guantanamo boy detainee. the blasts leveled the buildings in kenya and tans knee a killing 224 people, including 12 americans and injuring over a thousand more.
1:26 pm
people on the streets near that blast site were instantly incinerated, other people died under the debris after-hours of holding out and hoping for a rescue that never came. eric shawn is following this story live outside the courtroom in new york city. all of the images come flooding back. it was one of the first really momentous attacks on behalf of al-qaida, and now there is a person who is on trial for it today. tell us about it. >> reporter: yeah, martha, three years before 9/11 those bombings of two embassies in africa, and the man who is accused of being behind it and part of it of building the bombs that blew up the buildings is smiling and laughing at some of the judge's joke. he was allegedly a bodyguard at one point for osama bin laden. he's accused of building the bombs for one of those embassy. in court this morning the potential jurors were questioned by the judge.
1:27 pm
so far 18 people have been excused. the judge so far has kept 37 for the jurors that they need. they are asked questions about terrorism, their feelings about terrorism and the like. at one point the defendant stood up and when he was introduced and looked at the potential jurors and smiled at them. giving a starring role in the potential trial will be osama bin laden h. 0 prosecutors we understand will be playing a television interview of osama bin laden in which he said americans around the globe would be attacked. osama bin laden trying to wage his war against american interests around the globe. by the way, four previous al-qaida suspects have been convicted here of being involved in the bombings in africa. that trial occurred back in 2001. the last conviction just a few months before 9/11. martha martha: the accused bodyguard of
1:28 pm
osama bin laden on trial today, eric thank you very much. we'll check in with you throughout the day for the latest on that. in the meantime there is outrage on some blogs today after somebody reportedly assaulted an iraq war vet at a campaign rally. here is the suspect. the whole thing was caught on video. trace gallagher is going to show us exactly what happened next. and here is a question for you, and for your civics class, should everybody really have the right to vote? most americans would say, yes, of course they should. john stossel joins us next with his take on why some people say no. >> election day is about a month away. we've got to get everyone to vote i'm told, especially young people, it's our civic duty to vote. let me tell you about a very important phone call i made.
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1:33 pm
he's campaigning when somebody paors hot coffee -- pours hot coffee on his back >> excuse me, sir. i didn't mean to bump into you. >> reporter: did you hear the guy there? it was kind of an insincere didn't mean to bump into you. what he does is hansen goes on, he films stricklands remarks. he goes back, the coffee spiller was clearly giving him the one finger signal by his nose. now if you have any doubts about whether this guy spilled the coffee or not the cops want to see this guy and know who he is , because he is now facing assault charges. if you have any idea who that quite is that allegedly assaulted that iraq veteran call the sciotio county sheriff's
1:34 pm
office. they want to investigate this thing. by the way clayton hansen is fine after having hot coffee poured on his back. but still he's fashion up to six months in jail for that. martha: i'm glad to hear he's going okay. they got a very good look at the guy on the video. no doubt somebody out there knows the man and know -gs who he is and where he is and hopefully he'll fess up so the police can talk to him. we are getting reports from ohio now that former president jimmy carter should be able to leave the hospital tomorrow. president carter was admitted yesterday after experiencing stomach pain on a flight to cleveland. doctors suggested that the 85-year-old former commander-in-chief stay one more night as a cautious move, and that he should be able to go home tomorrow which is good news. his doctors say he's in good spirits and looking forward to returning to his busy schedule. he's been promoting his become book around the country. we wish him well. a controversial topic that has not got even a whole lot of a tense this season. a group of more than 5 million americans will not be heading to the polls this november.
1:35 pm
it's against the law for them to because they are felons, is that a right or should everybody have the right to vote? here to tackle that and some other issues about the youth vote john stossel, anchor of stossel on the fox business network. hello, john, good to have you here >> reporter: thank you, mart in a martha: you see all over -- you see all over television you need to get out and vote. the president said it's your duty to get out there and vote, no? >> reporter: no, part of a social contract john locke talked about is you have to obey societies laws. a lot of people argue if you are a felon you don't get to vote. a lot of states have laws against that, about 5 million people who committed crimes cannot vote. but the laws are all over the place. we have a map that i think shows it state-by-state. some states have much toug tougr laws than others. these nine states have the
1:36 pm
toughest rules. other states allow them to vote once they serve sentences and pay their fines. two states, maine and vermont allow all felons to vote even while they are in prison. so what is right? i don't know i don't have an answer for that one martha: you mentioned the social contract. that's really what it comes down to. if you break the laws of the land are you giving up your right, your agreement with all the different people you live with in the united states of america to have the privileges? and it is a privilege, right >> reporter: it is a privilege and it matters in politics. if you think that florida has 600,000 felons and look how close the gore-bush was 537 votes. felons tend to vote democratic. if they were allowed to vote in florida, gore would have been president. martha: you went out and talked to have youths, some of the youth people out there on the streets about voting >> reporter: and some older folks around the building martha: what did you find out right outside our building here
1:37 pm
>> reporter: i get annoyed, they've got to register everybody, they register kids at rock concerts. a lot of kids don't know anything, and a lot of people are stupid as my experiment sounds martha: stupid people should not be allowed to vote >> reporter: not not allowed but we shouldn't drag them to the polls and register them at rock concerts. they didn't know who john boehner was, or pell bell was. i asked them what is your position on row v. wade, they said row v wayne? there shouldn't be a litmus test, but we should stop acting like we are doing a wonderful thing when we drag kids to the polls martha: tke theud know some people that you asked them about unanimously >> reporter: they did, they new reality dt stars like "the situation." i did it once with route grader
1:38 pm
ginsberg -- ruth bader ginsberg. they didn't know her, but they new judge judy martha: a lot of people who you are talking about they don't know who john boehner or nancy pelosi is, but in an election you may be get half the people, they are already not voting and you're okay with that >> reporter: i'm total will he hrao -- dash totally okay with that. martha: we'll see what happens. very interesting stuff, john. thank you very much. john stossel questioning whether or not everybody really should get out and vote. we'll see what happens. you can check this all out, stossel thursday nights at 9 eastern and at 12:00 only on fox business. don't miss it. this is really every parents' nightmare a child kidnapped and sexually assaulted. two parents in california thought that that had actually happened to their young daughter
1:39 pm
until she cracked under questioning. the disturbing details about what police say she really was trying to hide from her parents, and from everybody else. and democratic congressman alan grayson taking a lot of flack for a new ad that is out there attacking his rival, the man you see on the right hand side of your screen, dan webster. that heat is coming from both republicans and democrats towards grace on. dan webster joins us live with his response. >> webster tried to denied battered women medical care and a right to divorce their abusers. he wants to force raped women to bear the child. the taliban dan webster, hands-off our bodies and our laws.
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martha: fox weather alert for you. tropical storm nicole is drenching parts of southern florida right now. it stretches from deep in the caribbean to almost central
1:43 pm
florida. janice dean is watching this for us in our extreme weather center. she has an update for us >> reporter: have you got your rain boots out martha martha: i've got them ready >> reporter: nicole is a sloppy mess, a huge system affecting such a large part of the caribbean towards jamaica, getting reports of major flooding across -- across jamaica, cuba and south florida. we are going to see this all up and down the i-9 i-95 i-95 corr. what is all this rain you say? it is tropical moisture. we have a frontal boundary that will add to the mess across the east coast. miami, some places getting 5 to 8 inches already. then into the carolinas, up towards the northeast where d.c. is getting some of the moisture right now. the woerdz of the rain for the northeast will come tonight through tomorrow. it's going to be a 24-hour
1:44 pm
event, nasty. the storm will make its way up to the northeast, all of the big cities being affected by the storm. widespread areas 3 to 5 inches. some localized areas could get a foot of rain. places like wilmington, over the last several days they got over 15 inches of rain if they get ten more inches, that will be 25 inches of rain. we will see unfortunately really bad pictures. hopefully people will take it real easy. i've told folks to call ahead to the airlines if you're traveling tomorrow. we'll have major, major delays across the northeast martha: sounds like a good time to stay put. janice dean thanks a lot. you keep checking on it. got new developments for you today in a case that shocked a community. california investigators now say this a 15-year-old girl made up the story about being abducted and sexually assaulted by three men. turns out she made the whole thing up to keep her parents from learning that she had a consensual sexual relationship with a man that she met on the internet, of all places.
1:45 pm
police eventually saw the cracks emerging in her story. >> the victim was very consistent in her account of the story. as detectives bee ban to interview her and check out her facts things began to have holes in them. to say the least we are not happy that the student made this up, and we're somewhat outraged. we spent a lot of time and resources on this. however, with that said, if this was reported tomorrow we would do the same thing martha: just doing their police work indeed. wendy murphy is a former prosecutor and a victims' rights advocate. wendy, you could tell that police woman was very unhappy, very unhappy that this girl would launch this story to cover up something else that is a whole other issue. let's deal with her hoax first, then we'll take on the internet stuff. >> tkwryeah, look there is no question i'd be outraged too. when one victim lies it taints the credibility of all victims.
1:46 pm
i hate this about this. i want to be clear, martha, this is not typical. falls claims -- false claims like this are exceedingly rare. you know as well as i do, who lies the most about rape it's the perpetrators and they lie under oath about being innocent. statistically people are more likely to falsely report their own death for insurance fraud purposes than falsely report cases like this. i think she should be prosecuted. you have to be very firm about the integrity of our legal system, the resources that are being wasted and the prosecution and showing the public that she is being prosecuted is a good way to deter other people from considering this in the future. martha: you think they should follow through and prosecute her. obviously a lot of police resources went into finding this story. she was pretty good at it, it sounds like. they say she was very consistent in her account of this but, man what a an elaborate story to create to cover up something that is also every parent's nightmare which is that your daughter is going to start chatting with a total stranger
1:47 pm
on the internet and runoff and have sex with him, who knows what could have happened to her >> you know what is so strange about this story. if you don't want your parents you are having sex and you're 15, whether it's a guy you met on the internet or somewhere else, there are a whole bunch of lies that are less dangerous and are going to get you in less trouble than i was gang raped by three people. how about i was staying at my friend julie's house. thank goodness this young girl did not particularly blame a particular man, because i think that would have been far worse. all she said was it was three guys and thankfully nobody was falsely accused. that would have been in my opinion a felony martha: there is the other issue that needs to be dealt with very seriously in this country. we've seen this happen many times, where people are assaulted by someone they meet on the internet who they think they've developed this relationship with. she says she had consensual sex with this man, but that could have gonna very different
1:48 pm
direction. >> yeah another real important message, martha, there is no question kids are not as worried as they should be about things going on on the internet especially meeting people. often it's somebody who claims to be 15 and they are 45 and a predator. one message i hope we can all take from this, i'm a mom, you're a mom, i think we have to be clear with our kids, no matter what they are doing on the internet or even with boyfriends or girlfriends it's very important to come to us and tell us, it's a lot safer than meeting some creepy predator. you don't want to worry about finding your child in jail because she falsely accuse -gs -- accuses a person of a crime. martha: you think the police are mad at her. i can't imagine her own house. i hope she stays off the internet and stops meeting strangers and her family can deal with this and move on. wendy thank you very much. it has taken a little bit longer than expected.
1:49 pm
but world war i if you can believe it, is officially over. up next, why germany is marking the end of a 92-year-old battle. and then there is this today, new jersey governor chris christie fighting a new battle with the state's powerful teacher's union. and this may become the biggest one he has taken on yet. details on this proposal that is getting educators all fired up. >> you're not compensating me for my education and my experience >> well you know what then you don't have to do it. she felt lost...
1:50 pm
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1:52 pm
martha: update now on our top
1:53 pm
story. a manhunt is underway for the alleged mastermind of a plot on targets in europe. he's known as al-qaida's number three leader. he is a pakistani and he has run operations in europe before. we have new information coming in out of london. about eight minutes from now. stay with us on that we'll get you the very latest update on that. in the meantime, a surprising historic milestone this week. 92 years after the last guns fell silent the first world war will officially end. i bet you thought it was over, didn't you? how could that be? trace gallagher joins us live from our west coast newsroom to explain. explain this to me please, trace >> reporter: i was going to get my pipe and tweed jacket martha: i would like that >> reporter: that's kind of what i need here. in 1919 germany signed the treaty of versailles and they agreed to pay compensation to
1:54 pm
france and bell skwrupl and they agreed to pay the allies. it went down to $132 billion. this sunday germany finally mays off the tab which means that world war i for germany is over financially. it would have been paid off earlier but hitler reneged on his payments. some will argue that the signing of the treaty of versailles ao actually helped the natzi rise because germany was crippled tpeupbgs a lee and they didn't have the money and so the natzis fought against the treaty of versailles, hitler rows to power and stopped paying it off. the treaty of versailles is where germany took blame nor word war 1 roam. 9 million soldiers were killed including 116,000 american soldiers. treaty of versailles, 19, 19, 92
1:55 pm
years ago martha: the numbers are mind boggling when you look at the losses from world war i and look at the pictures and hear you talk about the fact of the destabilization of germany was indeed one of the elements that went to create circumstances of world war ii that's why it was handled so differently after world war ii so that the power vacuum would not arise again >> reporter: the treaty of versailles was signed on november 11th. the 11th month, 11th day, 11th hour. in 1928 hitler said he was not paying it any more. he went onto take power. very good history lesson here on "america live" martha: if you compare what they had to pay after world war i to the stimulus package we could have a whole different conversation on how long it will take to payoff. thank you very much. political analysts are saying that the next story is extreme
1:56 pm
even in today's angry world of politics. democratic congressman alan grayson comparing his republican rival to the taliban in an attack ad. that rival, the man you see in the picture there, dan webster is going to join us live here and we're going to ask him to respond to that attack. that is coming up right after this. we have this story for you, what a horrific trial this has been, dr. william petit was the only one in his family to survive a horrific in cold blood-like ordeal. his wife and two daughters were attacked and murdered in their own home and then it was burned down. as this case is getting ready now to head to the jury, dr. petit breaks his long silence. you will hear from him moments from now. >> jennifer, hailey and makayla were the most important people in my life and i really can't dignify that insinuation with a response, and i think the evidence put on by the
1:57 pm
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st $10.44 per roll. megynmegyn: a man hubt is undery for the man who is thought to be the head of the terror plot on european capitals. he's believed to be al qaeda's new operations leader and number three in command. senior intelligence officials are telling us he crafted plans to kidnap and kill tourists across europe targeting britain, france, germany and denmark with tactical assaults similar to what we saw in the 2008 massacre in mumbai, india.
2:01 pm
the threat is still active because they do not have all these people rounded up. good to have you with us today, robert. in your words within this is a real threat, continues to be, right? >> it's always a threat. i think what we have to do is examine what we actually know as fact. we know one man has been arrested and he's been claimed to have been talking and describing this plot. he has been in u.s. custody for two months at bagram air base. you have to look at the reaction of some of the named countries and make judgments how seriously this has been taken the the germans nor the british have increased their threat levels. the french have evacuated the iefl tower twice. but there is very little to substantiate the claims of this
2:02 pm
plot. martha: it's home grown, it comes from people within all these major cities in europe and here at home as well. a lot of people heart story and say what does thwarted mean when you live in a world where people could be carrying out these things based on this man's work. >> radical islamists see themselves as muslim first and then a citizen of a country bike germany or france other u.k. or the united states as second. their loyalty and allegiance is to their faith and belief structure. not the state they reside in. martha: what can you tell us about kashmiri? what do we know about this man? >> very little. if we knew where he was we wouldn't be looking for him
2:03 pm
march are's a dangerous man? >> yes, he is. martha: tell me about the drone attacks we have seen carried out in pakistan, 20 drone attacks. there is a connection between these things? >> it's speculated that there is. i'm not convinced there is a connection for the reason the man who has been taken into custody has been talking for two months now, and whatever knowledge he had, if any, of where some of the cadre for al qaeda were located they won't be there two months later. they move around constantly for protection. i think we have seen much more of a coincidence than a plan to go after certain named individuals revealed by the mother. martha: is this kind of terrorism, even the learning of a plot can have a cooling effect on things like travel. does it already have an impact, do you think? >> the purpose of tais -- the pf
2:04 pm
terrorism is to instill terror. even if it's not successful, the message will have been sent. it will terrify the west, tell citizens they have to change their lifestyle if they want to live, and in general get a great propaganda coups. martha: the only gunman who survived the mumbai attacks in 2008 has just appealed his death sentence today. two short years ago the world watched in horror. do you remember this video and scenes from underground the hotel in mumbai? surveillance video caught heavily armed men storming hot spots in the capital. militants raided two 5-star hotels, a train station and a
2:05 pm
jewish center. it left 166 people dead. six of them were american citizens. also today, al qaeda's american communications director calling on muslims to rise up against the government of pakistan. adam gadan slamming what he called a sluggish response in that country urging militants to fight pakistan's rulers. hundreds of people died in those floods. 0 million people impacted now al qaeda using it to gain strength in the country of pakistan. let's go to europe where there are protests and strikes going on. this is brand-new video. this is a live picture you are seeing of protesters in madrid. thousands are walking off the
2:06 pm
job, demonstrating against spending cuts being used to track down on the massive debt incurred in many of these countries. this is spain you are looking sat today. it's getting very tense on the streets. the fighting you can see protesters are setting bliss cars on fire. officers firing rubber bullets into that crowd. angry workers claiming they are being hurt by the spending cuts while the banks that created the crisis is scot-free because of government bailouts. something about that scenario sound slightly familiar? gregg, what is the significance of so many team pouring into the streets in spain? >> reporter: well, spain's interesting because when know it's been in trouble financially along with portugal, ireland and greece. but this is the first time spain got ugly. police cars being burned.
2:07 pm
dozens of arrests and that kind of thing. this is the kind of stuff we mostly have seen in greece up until now. but they were really -- spain is still in trouble and have as much so. what's interesting here is what you are seeing is a lot of people on the streets who voted for the government that they are protesting, the socialist government of the prime minister. so the government tried to play it down. the unions said they had 10 million people on the street it many the first time spain really got rough. it's probably not going to be the last. martha: that's a great points. we watched all that violence happening in greece, and they said if it spreads to spain it will signal something else all together. what about what's going on in belgium. >> reporter: belgium is interesting. part of it is national. protests against the belgium government and their austerity cuts. bus he wills is th he -- brussee
2:08 pm
european union. the tightening of the their belts means money out of their pockets. and they are angry at the eu because they are trying to force the issue saying they are going to penalize those countries that don't come into line. martha: thank you so much, reporting today from rome. there is brand-new reaction today to reports of an fbi investigation into the nation's largest labor union. andy stern respond something questions about a probe by the fbi in the labor department. reports say that stern approved a contract paying $150,000 to a so-called consultant who is now on his way to prison. >> it's completely false.
2:09 pm
it's tabloid journalism. martha: that's andy stern's take on it. the fbi confirmed the investigation to fox yesterday. we are trying to derm determine if the consultant was given a no-show job. we'll give you updates as it unfold. that's the music of the election. in california the senate race is very interesting. bash what boxer -- listen to this -- says she is quote really good friends with the brigadier general who got a lot of attention a few months ago. remember this moment? >> why has it been delayed? >> ma'am, at the -- >> could you say senator instead of ma'am? it's just a think. i worked so hard to get that title. i would appreciate it. >> yes, senator.
2:10 pm
martha: that got a lot of people incensed. now she is squaring off against republican carly fiorina. carl cameron is joining me now live in pasadena, california. the ad wars have just started. isn't it kind of late in the game? >> reporter: it is. that clip you just ladies really the biggest -- the clip you just ladies the biggest part of carly fiorina's counterattack. boxer unleashed attack ads criticizing fiorina for her time as the ceo of hewlett packard. she was one of the first business women to break the glass ceiling and move into one of the corporate board rooms in the country. she made decisions that were tough. she has gone back at box were an ad. here it is. >> as the ceo of hp, carly
2:11 pm
fiorina laid off 50,000 workers. >> perhaps the work needs to be done somewhere else. >> fiorina shipped jobs to china. while californians lost their jobs fiorina tripled her salary and bought four corporate jets. >> reporter: barbara boxer slamming carly fiorina for her business career. as the ceo of hp and in her professional career she says she has made tough decisions that contributed to the economy. she says barbara boxer has been in the senate for 30 years. there will be a debate with bash what boxer in washington and carly fiorina here where she'll be participating in a radio exchange that begins in a couple hours. martha: that is going to be one
2:12 pm
race to watch in the coming weeks. how about this. does nancy pelosi hurting her democratic colleagues in the mid-term? >> how many of you have feel favorable towards nancy pelosi, raise your hands. one individual. who feels negative towards her? march ouch. boy. surprising new poll numbers. what it may mean for this election. this is getting lots of attention. new jersey governor chris christie is standing strong in the faces of one of the nation's most powerful unions. his no-no sense approach to education. plus the man who just relived a nightmare that few people could ever imagine and with never want to. dr. petit's chilling reaction to the test moany of the horrific
2:13 pm
murder of his entire family. >> they were the most important people in my life and i can't dignify that insinuation with a response. i think the evidence put on by the prosecution speaks for itself. he recommended citracal. it's different -- it's calcium citrate, so it can be absorbed with or without food. also available in small, easy-to-swallow petites. citracal. [ animals calling ] ♪ [ pop ] [ man ] ♪ well, we get along ♪ yeah, we really do - ♪ and there's nothing wrong - [ bird squawks ] ♪ with what i feel for you ♪ i could hanaround ti the leaves are brown and the summer's gone ♪
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martha: the final shatter wrenching testimony has been give in the brutal triple murder trial in connecticut. closing arguments are set for this friday. the first of two defendants steven hayes accused of murdering them three years ago. the husband and far it was badly beaten but he survived. a corrections officer who testified what he heard steven hayes telling another inmate, stunning testimony that horrified the family sitting in the room.
2:17 pm
>> reporter: the testimony gave the courtroom an in-depth look at hayes' life in the prison. he has benson continue use observation or suicide watch since the first dave he walked in. then it was a july day in 2008 when he was sitting three feet from hayes that he overheard hayes telling his neighbor about the home invasion, facts that had dr. petit and family grasping their seats, hands to mouth. he did sodomize 11-year-old makayla then poured gas on her. hayes considered it possible dr. petit was in on the crime since he got loose. and he told hayes he had to kill mrs. petit and hayes didn't know
2:18 pm
if he could. then a statement that hayes said he saw police pull up to the house, then killed her. expert witnesses went through the scene in excruiating detail. the fire investigator inves -- y heard and saw how the blaze spread. the investigator said rapidly and in a violent manner. the conclusion was the fire was started by human hands using a liquid accelerant consistent with gas. then taking just seconds to reach the girls' bed vooms upstairs. martha: that's hard to listen to what that family has been through in that courthouse. outside this courthouse the reaction from dr. petit and his
2:19 pm
father-in-law. >> all i have to say is jennifer and the girls are the most important people in my life. i can't dignify that insinuation with a response. the evidence put on by the prosecution speaks for itself. >> they were insensitive, they were cruel and out of place. martha: that poor man having to go through all of this. the second suspect goes on trial next year. this one is all about steven hayes. that will begin the second phase of this case, whether these two men should get the death penalty. mark eiglarsh is joining us. good to have you here today. what dr. petit is referring to is testimony given that says steven hayes when he was in prison talking to this other cellmate suggested that maybe
2:20 pm
dr. petit did this for the insurance. he said i tied him up oh firmly in the basement there is no way he could have gone the up unless the accomplice loosened up his ropes what do you think about this? >> what would you think from an alleged savage like this? his actions speak louder than words. i'm glad that dr. petit handled it in such a classy way. top re-it rate his love for his -- to reiterate his love for his family. he didn't get into the details the dignify these horrible innocence touch words that kind of flowed from this monster's lips while he was? custody. martha: you wish they could have tried these people at the same time so his family doesn't have to be put through this again. but it's clear in some of this that he was trying to mitigate his final punishment because he says though i spread the gasoline, but i didn't light the
2:21 pm
match. ultimately it was the fire that killed these people. and then the heart wrenching detail that the police were pulling up to the house they claim when they decided to murderst jennifer petit. >> that what this whole trial is about. they not putting forward a defense. they are putting forward a strategy. the strategy is we are dead in the water. there is nothing that would negate the guilt. let's mitigate it when we move into the penalty phase you will be able to borrow these facts and spare hip the death sentence. martha: what a tragedy all around. thank you very much, mark. we'll be following this as closing arguments begin friday. now back to politics. house speaker nancy pelosi's approval rating has hit a new low. that has led to new questions about whether she is holding back the reelection homes of some of her colleagues who are
2:22 pm
starting to distance themselves from her in a big way. you will be surprised to to hear, a new attack ad against florida republican dan webster referring this congressional candidate as taliban dan. mr. sweb sister joins us in just a bit to tell us how this ad has helped him. >> he wants to force raped women to bear the child. the taliban dan webster, handoff our bodies and our lives. h
2:23 pm
2:24 pm
2:25 pm
martha: house speaker nancy
2:26 pm
pelosi's negative ratings are hitting an all-time high. she is just as unpopular as bp. that's pretty hard to do. fringe lunt.frank luntz asked ap what they thought about nancy pelosi. take a look. who feels negative towards her. you are an obama yo supporter bt you don't like nancy pelosi. >> i think she has hurt the democratic party, she is had it by a lot of americans and she is not a good face for democratic party. >> did you vote for obama? yes. >> are you favorable toward nancy pelosi? >> she sticks her foot in her mouth. >> she is the biggest partisan we have had in years. between her and obama and reid they are creating more
2:27 pm
partisanship in washington, d.c., not less. martha: richard, to what do you attribute this anger towards nancy pelosi? they say they like president obama, but her -- >> i don't think it's drectd at her personally. she has come to symbolize everything that's wrong in washington. you wonder who that one guy who held up his hand that he liked her. but she really has come to symbolize everything that's broken about washington, everything that doesn't work about our government. she is a big symbol because she is head of the congress. i thought it was interesting this morning that there is a sister publication, the "wall street journal" has a poll out that says john boehner who is of course her republican counterpart, his numbers are slightly worse than hers. i think it's congress as a
2:28 pm
whole. the risk we have in predict what's going to happen is obviously voter want change. it's an amazing throw the bums out mentality. but just for any kind of change. they want something other than what's happening now. martha: let's take a look at some of these numbers. these are the nancy pelosi numbers. unfavorable 48%, favorable 38%. that's lower than the numbers we have seen for president obama. that played out in frank luntz' group. the other one talks about speaker of the house and who people want to see in that spot. the same number would like to see her stay. 50% say someone else. but i want to take issue with something you just suggested. i think you are right. i have never seen a bigger throw the bums out mentality than what we have now. but the group that benefits from this is the tea party. that seems to be the one sort of clear area where people are
2:29 pm
putting their support. they are willing to try somebody else and in most cases it may turn out to be one of these tea party candidates who are saying smaller government is the answer. >> i think they do benefit because they are complete outsiders. they are not in charge of anything. they are not the democratic party, they are not the republican party, they are not in office. martha: rand paul has shelled positions. >> they are not running things in washington now, they are outsiersd and that's a big part of he peel. of -- a big part of the appeal. i saw ed gillespie being interviewed and he said if the mid-terms turn out the way he thought they would, he hoped obama would moderate, but i want to tell you, if things continue the way we are headed now, it's
2:30 pm
not going to become more moderate. it will become more polarized. martha: nancy pelosi represents a far left perspective on these things. some people feel the president hasn't gone far enough. she represents a lot of that, yet she is the person they are turning their scorn against. >> you know, it's a question of where we are headed. i don't think she has represented the far left. her district is pretty far left. but she tried to represent a fairly moderate democratic con simod -- fairly moderatecould . >> we have a month to go and it's going to be on him.
2:31 pm
martha: it's great to have you here. thank you very much. richard socarides, former advisor to the children tons. we are back to the story on every one's mind. the man shunt underway for an alleged terror plot designed to kidnap and kill american tourists at hotpots across europe. then there is this. new jersey governor chris christie not a big hit with the teachers. why his latest plan to fix his state's schools has his critics all fired up all over again. >> i do not bash teachers. i bash their stubborn self-interested union. that's who i bash. mmmmmm. mmmmmm. wow! you have got to be kidding me. 80 calories?
2:32 pm
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there are no networks and no referrals needed. help protect yourself from some of what medicare doesn't pay... and save up to thousands of dollars in potential... out-of-pocket expenses with an aarp... medicare supplement insurance plan... insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. call this toll-free number on your screen now... for this free information kit, including this... medicare guide and customized rate quote. martha: a manhunt is underway for a man accused of plotting terror plots across europe. he's suspected of coordinating a kidnap and kill effort among western tourists, including americans in as many as four countries. that plot authorities say is an active threat. they say there is no evidence bp tried to win the early release
2:36 pm
of the pan am bomber. and the search is on for 11 people mission after a landslide buried a town in southern mexico. leafy rains triggered massive floods in that area. >> you are not compensating me for my education or experience. >> then you don't have to do it. the fact of the matter is this -- listen. teachers come in knowing all that. martha: that's what governor christy had to say. he's fired up about education. this is the center of his new charge in new jersey. the changes to public schools he wants to see in terms of how the
2:37 pm
teachers get paid and how they get promoted. he's calling for raises for teachers based on merit instead seniority or degrees they attain and teachers are not happy about this plan. the new jersey board association joins me now. this issue is really exploding on the national scene. we have this "waiting for superman" movie that's ex-posing all this. is it a good idea to throw south the tenure system and keep teachers based the on how well they are doing in their job. >> is your performance factored into your raises and continuation of employment? i think the answer is yes. tenure in new jersey goes back to 1903. it was a different situation and
2:38 pm
different world. since then we have a battery of statutes, court decisions and regulations that protect employees. tenure has evolved into a protection system that has hurt education quality. marry i feel like this issue has been brewing for a long time and it is now about to blow wide open. people have complained about tenure for a long time. how do we start to break apart this really ingrained system. is this going to take place? are we going to see reform in education? >> you need leaders who are not afraid to take on the issue. martha: it looks like you have one in new jersey. >> he's the first governor who has addressed significant changes in tenure. he's not talking about legal naight it, but saying that to maintain tenure an employee would have to have good performance evaluations. that's the way most of the world works. martha: he's talking about
2:39 pm
testing the teachers, having teachers take a test to confirm they know the term they are about to teach. >> in new jersey to be certified as in many states, you have to take a practice exam. there are other times of standardized tests. the governor is talking about more subject area -- martha: thank you very much. it's good to have you with us today. we'll get other perspective on this. we have the vice president of the national education association to speak about this on a national level. what is your reaction all you have to this, tenure might in some way go away for teachers. is that a good idea? >> the only thing teachers have is the right to defend themselves if they feel they have been treated unfairly. but let's talk about where things are working.
2:40 pm
this is the part that always confuses me. there are amazing examples of teachers working with school boards, working with the politicians in the area to say, you know what we were doing with kids? how we were organizing ourselves 20-0 years ago isn't working anymore. these kids need something different. go to wisconsin, go to helena, montana. we have incredible examples that don't get any press. martha: i could not agree with you more. i know firsthand about some innovative school projects that are going on. i support them. but i ask you this question. why do we need tenure anymore in this country? >> i'm not sure what tenure means -- martha: it means they basically can't be fired. and we know it happens. >> if you taught for 0 years, if i wasn't doing my job, if i had
2:41 pm
bad he val waitions i could be fired. so you have different laws and what i'm saying is where people are saying it's the teachers, it's their unions, it's the school boards and they come together, and they find a way to solve the problem. in helena, montana, they said we want to attract the best, we want 0 only keep the best and it was the union that came together and worked with the administration to say we are going to be a magnet for only the best teachers and it's working. nobody shows up to take a picture of it because kids learning and doing their homework and happy parents -- martha: that's not problem. unfortunately, we want to see more of it across the country. buff we know there are situations where lots of teachers are protected who shouldn't be. youngest teachers doing a great job are the first ones out. that happened here in new york. teachers in brooklyn banding
2:42 pm
together saying we don't want to be in the union because we want to be judged on our own merits. >> we have 3.2 million nea members who are happy to be part of the union because we want to find solutions. whenever you hear a politician or superintendent say we are going to pay for excellence, pay for performance. it comes down to pay by test scores. i have a gifted and talented class abe had 35 fifth graders, who had math disabilities the next year. if you were judging plea on my students' test scores it would be horrible. martha: in serve school district across this country everybody knows who the good teachers are. it needs to stop. the person who created this
2:43 pm
movie waiting for superman getting all this attention said i didn't want to call out the union. it's not in my dna to do that. that is where the problem lies. >> that is not where the problem is in helena, montana. it's not where the problem is in seattle. i'm telling you, why didn't he go and take a look at places where they say we have an evaluation system that works. we have an evaluation system that actually -- martha: i think that's what's going to happen. that's the focus. we need to -- >> i would love a fox news out in helena, montana because they don't get any attention. martha: i can't promise you we'll focus on the good side and the bad side of this story because it needs to be changed. and i appreciate you being here. thank you for being with us from washington. from the congressman who said
2:44 pm
republicans want to us die quickly, remember that? democrat alan grayson is at it again. why it may have become fired for him. daniel webster is the man attacked in the ad and he will be here after the break. >> taliban dan webster, hands off our bodies.
2:45 pm
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martha: it's funny how things work it was designed put an toantd his opponent. alan grayson released an attack on his challenger mr. daniel webster. but instead of sinking webster's ship, he apparently energized his opponent's base. take a look at at we are talking about. >> he would deny pregnant women medical care. he wants to force raped women to
2:48 pm
bear the child. taliban dan webster off our bodies and off our laws. martha: he is the republican going against alan grayson in florida. yesterday we showed the full speech you gave at that event that they took these pieces of clips from and what you were saying "about schmidt" to me was -- tell our viewers what you were talking about at that event. >> i was talking about praying for your wife. you as a man as a father and as a husband have responsibilities. sew i was saying to you, you focus on your responsibilities onnot on hers. martha: they cut out the part that said submit to me and played it over and over again
2:49 pm
august you made it difficulter to women who have been abused by their husbands to leave their situation and you are antiwoman. how do you have respond to those charges? >> i think it's like the other two commercials they put out. they are false. this is false also. i don't know how many times you have to be proven that you are false. this is just another trick, another nasty trick to try to impugn my character. martha: the interesting thing is that you are pulling ahead of him when it comes to women in your district in florida and he's way behind which is the reason we saw the impetus for this ad, and you say this is actually helped your campaign this whole time over this ad. see you wouldn't want to try to help my campaign this way, about it has helped. by wouldn't have chosen this, i wouldn't have chosen these statements to be made, i
2:50 pm
wouldn't have chosen for hem to be shown over and over again about it has helped. martha: you are bringing a lot of money based on this ad? >> yes, we have. martha: we'll be watching this race closely in florida. we'll give an opportunity to respond to this ad that is clearly taken out of context. we showed the speech in which you made those original comments. it's good to talk to you. thank you very much. we'll have more coming back on "america live" in just a moment. stay with us. ready to try something new? campbell's has made changes. adding lower sodium sea salt to more soups. plus five dollars in coupons to get you started. campbell's condensed soup. pass it on. campbell's.® it's amazing what soup can do.™
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martha: out in california they are dishing the dirt after a heated debate. republican meg whitman the former ceo of ebay and jerry
2:54 pm
brown in a close race for governor. the candidates going toe to toe in their first golden state debate. while whitman spends top dollar to put herself in the governor's mansion, brown is barely campaigning. anybody come on top of this one, amy a? >> i don't think there was a clear overall winner temperature jerry brown made the audience laugh with one-liners. meg whitman showed a corporate ceo-style cool. she was nervous at first, but then showed a command of the facts and figures. but brown addressed a question whether if elected he would take another stab at the presidency. >> i don't try to close down the bars in sacramento like i used to do when i ar do when i was gf
2:55 pm
california. >> reporter: with 12.5% unemployment, brown says he has a plan to create 500,000 clean energy jobs. whitman says other states are beating california to the punch. >> i spoke with the governor of texas who says i come on hunting trips to california. he said, yes, i come hunting for companies and jobs for texas because we have a better business environment. >> reporter: two different candidates. both of them want to occupy the building behind me, the california capitol. perhaps more in california they will ask who is the lesser of two evils and who will be the best foreign create jobs. show me the jobs. martha: that's a fun one to
2:56 pm
watch. iran basically keeps stonewalling u.n. nuclear inspectors while insisting their nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. senator joe lieberman is saying enough. the extreme measures he's stowgs suggesting to prevent iran building the bomb. captioning made possible by fox news network h [ male announcer ] this is rachel, a busy mom.
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>>megyn: paris hilton is settling a lawsuit over this greeting card that theaters her life this anded trademark catch phase "that's hot." who knew? high mall tried to use -- hallmark tried to use free speech but know -- now they have a deal and we may never know how much she walked away with, but probably a pretty sum. thanks for watching.


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